Eggs and bunnies

This weekend my boyfriend Chase and I headed down the coast for a quick break and to celebrate Easter. And what better way to celebrate Easter than at a chocolate factory? Everything was made of chocolate. Even David. And the train set. Quite a Willy Wonka experience really. It was pretty amazing.

So was eating wood-fire pizza along the beach at sunset, while Chase went out for a surf.

By far the best bit however, was when I was about to tuck myself into bed at night, pulled back the doona and there was…

Back to work on Monday, but in the meantime… lots and lots and lots of chocolate. =D

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4 Responses to Eggs and bunnies

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  2. aww your boyfriend is so cute to do that for you! I lovelovelove lindt bunnies…and i’ve always wanted one of those chocolate carrots! I’m not actually a big fan of chocolate though, so i’m relatively safe this holiday :p

    have a great easter! xx

  3. ? says:

    missing that smile

  4. Emma says:

    this is so sweet! I love this post and that top picture is awesome! =)

    from spindizzyfall

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