Today I was going to do a much needed spring clean around my house. I was also going to put on a nice outfit so I could take a nice picture of it and show all you nice people out there that I dress up way too much for my lifestyle. But I got distracted by the World Wide Wasteoftime (as usual), and instead of cleaning, or putting on anything other than leggings, ugg boots and a t-shirt, I sat here and got fatter.

Alas, I did find this amazing editorial on the delightful Spanish Moss Vintage blog, so luckily for you, I still have something rather nice to share.

Will make a much more concerted effort tomorrow to be a better (and tidier) blogger.

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7 Responses to Psychobabble

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  2. mo says:

    the blogosphere has being going crazy over this editorial. so am i!

    thanks for stopping by my blog – ive added you to my blogroll! xo.

  3. Jessica says:

    oooh, very pretty photos! thanks for sharing! ❤

  4. Jessica says:

    oops! accidentally pasted your blog address! hee. i added your blog to my blogroll! thank you for stopping by and i just adore your blog!

  5. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Thanks heaps ladies! Isn’t the model a knockout? xoxo

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