There is a distinct lack of plain backgrounds in and around my house that are suitable for outfit photos. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this white tin fence at the side of our house.

Unfortunately it’s right next to where our rubbish bins are kept, which may or may not explain the rather perturbed expression on my face.

As a side note, the furry rug in my hand is not a rug, but rather a vintage fur capelet that was completely inappropriate for today’s weather so I never ended up wearing it. It would have looked nice had it been 20 degrees cooler though.

You know what else would have looked nice? The dream boots I found in.. Payless Shoes today. I kid you not, Payless Shoes. They were exact copies of a Topshop pair I’ve been lusting over my whole life. If I wasn’t going on a trip next week to Vietnam and Cambodia, I would have snatched those babies up like there’s no tomorrow, but unfortunately my conscience kicked in* and the purchase never eventuated.

* Actually, my mum started going ape shit at me about wasting too much money. I totes was ready to buy.


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6 Responses to Bookends

  1. riley says:

    love the bag!!

  2. helena says:

    where’s your dress from? i find that style so flattering!

  3. Jessica says:

    that’s exactly how i felt- i could never find a plain background to do photos at, until i realized i could use the garage at my house! bahaha- i LOVE the perturbed expression on your face. that’s hilarious! you’re so cute!

    that dress is sweet, as is the lovely leather purse! what did the boots at payless look like? i remember for a while i was lusting over the alice + olivia madison biker that sold at payless everywhere, until my mom found the last pair in my size at a store in a city an hour away from where i live!

  4. Sam Twin Cat says:

    Aw Jessica, you’re so sweet, thanks! The boots are called Pendulum, and I truly think they would be sold out by now… They’re a copy of the Aggie boot by Topshop. A huge heel, giant platform and a cut in angle under the toe area.. dreamy.

    I can’t believe how much Payless is upping their game.. I think their New look range is imported from the UK. I remember seeing New Look stores everywhere in London, and they’re like a Valleygirl type store but more fashion-forward!

    Helena, it was $20 from Supre. Crazy right? Lots of colours and prints too. x

  5. helena says:

    rahhh, must go back to supre!

  6. Emma says:

    love this look so much!!! (i have avoided supre since primary school but i love the ‘american apparel’ feel and am thinking i may have to put a mask on and dive in there one day to get a dress like this! haha)

    from spindizzyfall

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