The clash

Cardigan & Jeans (Wrangler), Shirt, Boots & Hat (Vintage), Belt (Bardot)

I love winter. Oh winter, how I love thee.

I love layering. I love hats. I love oversized knits. I love boots. And this winter I am pretty sure I will be loving slouchy shirts too.

I’m not huge on buying brand new clothing, to me, an op-shop is a thousand times more enjoyable than a shopping mall. However, back when I used to work on the shop floor, and was supposed to wear the labels the store I worked in stocked, I found myself gravitating constantly towards Wrangler. I have a jeans collection of ridiculous proportions due to this, however these ones that are so black they’re almost blue, will always be my staple faves.


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4 Responses to The clash

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  2. Jessica says:

    oooh- i love the wooden grain texture on your background, what a perfect place to take such a great photo! I am loving your hair in this picture and your entire outfit. i do love layering too- however, summer is on its way here, so boo! those boots are killer! ❤

  3. ugh so in love with the leopard shirt! If i saw you walking along the street wearing that i would so rip it off you :p

    i’m so excited its getting cooler here in perth too…but its not cool enough yet to layer properly during the day.. x

  4. nicole. says:

    sam, this outfit is killer chic!
    i absolutely love that you decided to post more outfit posts.
    have an amazing trip too. i’m looking into going there mid year so let me know how your adventures are 🙂


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