Bon voyage!

I was hoping to have a more exciting blog post to share before I was holiday bound, but unfortunately I haven’t had time…

Off to Cambodia and Vietnam today and looking forward to the incredible shopping (oh, and you know the sightseeing, and the cultural and historical things… but mainly the shopping!).

The store is therefore going to remain empty and will be re-opened on the 30th.

Hope you all stay well, and looking forward to catching up with the b’sphere when I return!


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5 Responses to Bon voyage!

  1. Jessica says:

    cambodia & vietnam? sounds interesting- not really the places i would first think of to visit on holiday, i guess i don’t know too much about them, then! take lots of pictures and keep me updated! ❤

    • Sam Twin Cat says:

      I will def take lots of photos and share them here when I get back! Vietnam/Cambodia is a pretty common holiday choice for Australians I think, as we’re a bit closer to them.

  2. have a good time!! i’m looking forward to seeing all your awesome finds when you get back xx

  3. twee says:

    have fun there!!can’t wait to see you posting lovely pics from the trip~!remember to bring enough cash for shopping!!


  4. Sharalei says:

    So excited you are going to Cambodia, if you go to Phnom Penh, try and stay at Me Mates Place (its a backpackers hostel and not sure if thats what you into but if you are…). My sister and her fiance Paul own it and they love to have fellow Australians stay with them. You will have such a blast, I am jealous.
    Keep doing what your doing because it is amazing.
    Enjoy your travels! xoxo
    Sharalei (the canadian)

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