Little darling

Chase’s t-shirt and velvet hoodie (Insight, Alpha60), Leather jacket & boots (vintage)

Ah fashion, you gotta love it. One minute you can be dressed all pretty in love hearts and lace, the next second you’re pants-less and in public, wondering whether it was the tequila or beer, or maybe the combination of the two, and questioning where you left your false eyelashes because that’s going to be a pretty fucking gross discovery for whoever stumbles across them this morning.

Here I am dressed in my Saturday best, wearing the boyfriend’s wardrobe and no pants. A bit of a change from yesterday’s Pattie Boyd look. But boy am I super comfy.

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2 Responses to Little darling

  1. i think i instantly fell in love with your boots… ❤

    good to have you back! Your cambodia pictures are fantastic…i love holiday pictures that aren’t just the same old tourist attractions etc..


  2. surfed over from weardrobe! love this look. And your hair. 🙂

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