Same same… but different!

T-shirt (Cambodia), Shorts & Belt (vintage), Bag & Boots (Vietnam), Bracelet (Agent99)

When I showed the Vietnamese bootmakers a photo of some leopard print, cuban heeled, elasticised panel ankle boots, these Louboutin-inspired platform knock offs weren’t exactly what I had in mind. Despite the obvious elements that were “lost in translation” (aka. everything), I’m just happy to have a new part of my body in which I can now clad with leopard print.

My schedule for this week seems to have accidentally gone to shit. I intended to throw myself head first back into work however with a lingering cold that won’t go away and keeps me from sleeping at night, plus the intense urge to spend as much time with my boyfriend before he flies to Bali for a surf film this week, I guess I knew I was fighting a losing battle. So my apologies for not updating the store yet!

However does my cool tourist t-shirt make up for this? On the front it says “Same same”. On the back it says, “… But Different”! They were everywhere in Cambodia and Vietnam and for $2 a pop, it was well worth stocking up on novelty sleep (and occasional, day) wear.


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6 Responses to Same same… but different!

  1. Mez says:

    fckin’ LOVE the tshirt, I want one!!!! ♥

  2. Delia says:

    Great message on the t-shirt:)

  3. is that a real rocco or did you have it made?? that’s the one thing i want to buy while i’m in the U.S…i’d pretty much have to spend all the money i have though (i’m on an extreme budget)!


    • Sam Twin Cat says:

      Nah I WISH it was real but had one made instead.. it would have cost me my entire budget too!! I’m glad it was convincing enough for you to ask though! Hehe xo

  4. nicole. says:

    oh ma god, i’m the same.
    i haven’t achieved anything this week and have over 100 new items ready to be photographed. i feel you, sam.

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