Twist n shout

Dress (custom made), Bracelet (Agent99), Tights (eBay)

This is nothing but a quick post to show you another dress I recently acquired. It’s one of those strange colours where you can’t decide whether it reminds you of vomit and thus induces the desire to do so, or alternatively, is an interesting and unusual shade of citrus that suits people with a tan. Hopefully the latter.

I received my degrees certificates yesterday. According to this paperwork, I now have a bachelor in Arts (what exactly this is, I and many others are still not entirely sure of) and a bachelor in Visual Arts. I finally feel like I have achieved something with my life as I can now write a few extra letters at the end of my name. To celebrate this, I went and got hideously drunk. And now, my head hurts.

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2 Responses to Twist n shout

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  2. mo says:

    you make me laugh. my degrees will be plentiful and pointless too. sigh…

    check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

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