90 ways to leave your lover

Top, skirt & belt (vintage), Stockings (Topshop), Boots (custom), Jewellery (Camberwell & Portobello Markets, Agent 99)

When I saw the lovely Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage wearing these stockings the other day, I got even more excited about the order I had made myself with Topshop online. I ended up channeling her style by wearing my own pair with a full vintage mini skirt and lace top – I hope I did you justice Nicole! =) It was tricky to not look like a hooker when combining chunky wedges with suspender stockings and a half head full of bleach…

It’s freezing cold in Melbourne right now, so while everyone else around the world seems to be wearing cute ankle socks and strappy platforms with adorable straw hats and tailored shorts, I’m struggling to type because it’s so cold! I didn’t walk around all day in this outfit alone, I also had to wear a coat and scarf.

I’m really excited to be listing a new collection in the Twin Cat Vintage store tomorrow. It’s one of my favourites to date and I’ll dedicate a blog post to it tomorrow with a few of my favourite pieces in particular. I’ll also be holding a stall at the market that my friend Courtney and I co-run in Melbourne this weekend, Blackbird Market. I’m trying to make room for new stock so will be marking prices down to practically nothing, come along if you’re wondering how to spend your Saturday afternoon!


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13 Responses to 90 ways to leave your lover

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  2. rouli says:

    hey blogger!!!!!!

    cool outfit!!!!!!

    like ur posts!!!!!!!!

    coool blog u have!!!!!!

    come visit and join!



  3. Emma says:

    Charming with a capitol C! Love that skirt too, the print is gorg

    -love em

  4. Jessica says:

    aw, i think you cute (and not like a hooker! haha). so pretty. โค


  5. Carlina says:

    I loooove your stockings so gorgeous! Great style!

    xo AtV

  6. in love with your outfit!!!

  7. sabo skirt says:

    WOW!!! Amazing styling. We love EVERYTHING about this post! The jewellery is gorgeous!

    Thank you for stopping by our blog. Yours is absolutely great.



  8. hey ! i found your blog via weardrobe ๐Ÿ™‚
    you have an awesome blog and style !
    im following love !

  9. sallyannie says:

    I love your skirt, so cute!

    Hey, I live in Melbourne ๐Ÿ˜€ where is this market you speak of!

  10. Ashley Rose says:

    Melbourne sure is freezzzzing right now!! Ill prob burn down the house with the amount i leave my electric blanket on lol.. looks gorgeous i love those suspender stockings and the shoes are adorable xx Ash

  11. Lindsay says:

    Ok – I love your jewelry and tights! Your blog is awesome! xx


  12. Lin says:

    Cute ring. xx I’m loving the two tone

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