back to reality.

My sincerest blogging apologies for my lack of updates recently. All can be explained!

I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment this week and who knew I owned so many things? (I secretly did, but am feigning ignorance for all those involved in The Great Move of ’10). We also had very inconveniencing Internet-no-worky issues that needed to be dealt with, but now I am semi-nested into my new pad and loving the spacious studio room I have suddenly acquired. I’m quickly filling it to the brim with racks of vintage, but that was to be expected! The whole location feels wonderful and certainly makes up for the lack of heating in the house. I’m a hop and a skip from the city CBD, the Botanical Gardens, the shoreline of St Kilda beach and the fashionably-inclined Chapel Street is now only a 10 minute walk. A dream? Quite possibly.

I also had the immense pleasure of receiving my first artwork this week based on a photo I recently blogged. The lovely Molly of Like A Fox was kind of enough to send me this gorgeous illustration and I couldn’t be more flattered! Thank you!

Despite the technical issues I encountered this week, I managed to start shooting the next collection for the Twin Cat Vintage store. I’m so excited to share it with you that I just can’t help but post a few sneak-peek photos. I will finish shooting the rest early this week so hopefully it’s only a few days away until I can list them all in the store. The last TCV collection just finished yesterday and was one of our most successful ever, so I couldn’t be more pleased. I always worry that the vintage market is really becoming over-saturated, especially on eBay, but this just goes to show that there is still a hunger for it! Which suits me just fine! =)

Vintage 70’s Disco Jumpsuit

Vintage Pastel Pink Secretary Dress with Ruffles & Pleating

Vintage Floral Dress with Lace Collar

Vintage Batwing Dress with Cut Outs & Ties

Vintage Buttery Leather Cuffed Shorts

Wishing you all a great week!
Sam x

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4 Responses to back to reality.

  1. Love those shorts!

    Madeleine Louise
    wekilledcouture . com

  2. blow8 says:

    you girls are bloody gorgeous, love this post, the looks are ridiculously hott, those leather shorts are to die for.

  3. You guys have great style x

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