beneath the blue suburban skies

Coat & boots (vintage), Bag (custom made), Sunglasses (eBay)

Let’s ignore how short I appear to be (*ahem* am) and focus in on the two delicious new additions to my wardrobe. I have been eyeing off the Grey Ant sunglasses for a long time so when I saw a post that Ashley Ring My Bell did where she found these lookalikes on eBay, I was quick to snatch up a pair for myself.

Secondly, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have longing for the perfect (faux)fur-collared suede coat. Probably ever since I (first)watched Almost Famous and saw the infamous Penny Lane. So while the tree-lined streets of South Yarra are probably not the contextual background setting to do this 1970’s vintage coat justice, I might swan around the apartment later with some Tiny Dancer blaring and a pair of blue-tinted Lennon glasses adorned to my face. I visited the Hello Sailor Vintage Fair for the first time this weekend and was amazed to find this beauty there, priced at a measly $40. It truly is all happening.

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10 Responses to beneath the blue suburban skies

  1. alice says:

    i have a coat that is remarkably similar to this! (long, orange, with a big blond fur collar) unfortunately mine is scratchy polyester.. not AWESOME suede.
    great find! enjoy it!

  2. What an amazing find – the rust colour is so perfect on you!

  3. those glasses are fantastic. where did you get them from? i think i like them better than my beloved ray bans..


  4. That coat is amazing on you! I have a similar one in store at the moment but it’s wool rather than suede.
    Loving the sunnies & those boots too!

  5. natalie says:

    i love the coat! what a nice outfit

    peace x

  6. twee says:

    you look super cute in the first pic~!!so sweet!!hhehe
    i love the sunglasses!!!!!!I’m going to get a pair for myself too!!!it’s funky!!!


  7. jess says:

    loving the colouring! you have put this together well- you have inspired me to play with my vintage pieces xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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