An outtake from today’s photoshoot for Twin Cat Collection, which we shot in a fabulous and super lush location in Richmond. I couldn’t resist sharing this little peek with you because I am so excited for how the photos have turned out – but it certainly helps having three uber babes to photograph your pieces on! The Twin Cat Collection shoot features our lovely twin cat Mardi (above), plus the gorgeous Charlie (of pop fame in band Dash & Will) and the stunning Chelsea (the delightful soloist known as Bells). I can’t wait to share the whole shoot with you when the new store launches! x

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3 Responses to antlers.

  1. Emily says:

    wow! Looks ammazzzing, I’m really looking forward to seeing the new site!! I am sure everyone is going to be blown away. XX

  2. if this picture is anything to go by, i’m very excited about the shop launch!! I’m only expecting great things 🙂


  3. I seriously cannot wait for the launch of your collection! I quite like this photo and it’s an outtake. I wonder what the actual photos will look like!

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