Isn’t it great when your handiwork starts to pay off? I have a new found admiration for people who work in graphic design because after all the chaos and mess of getting files set up properly for commercial print, I’m truly amazed that any of this stuff turned out the right size and colour. They’re such small things but I’m very proud of the postcards I have had made as promotional material, as well as my beautiful swing tags that my lovely friend Lyndsay helped me with for Twin Cat Collection. Each swing tag opens out like a little card with a story inside, and comes sitting in a transparent envelope with satin ribbon. They look a lot nicer in real life, my camera flash is a bit weird here, and made my shaggy rug look disturbingly like worms too…

I have been insanely busy lately with all of the above, plus getting ready for the re-launch of Blackbird Market which is happening in September. Apologies that there has been no eBay store listings for a little while, I will be listing a small collection this weekend hopefully – and it will be a fabulous dress clearance; for both your winter & summer needs, I have stock that really just needs to go to loving homes so the starting prices will be very, very low.

The main reason I have been so pre-occupied though is the new love in my life, Indiana. She is absolutely gorgeous.

I would also like to thank the online fashion community Hypeed for featuring me in their latest editorial, Summer Jewels. It’s a really amazing photographic collection from a top notch website. I love how they ask all their submissions to be in super high res, which makes the viewing experience so much nicer on the eyes!

A more exciting post soon! x

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8 Responses to indiana.

  1. i am so impressed with those swing tags. did you design them? They are wonderful! I love when i recieve something in the mail from a small shop or designer and they have attached something that sets them apart xx

  2. Lin_me says:

    It looks great. Cant wait to see more

  3. natalie says:

    This is getting me very excited to see what you’ve got lined up!

  4. This is all amazing! Indiana is beautiful. Such lovely eyes.

  5. Marie says:

    miss u 2 babe 😉

  6. The swing tags & post cards look amazing!
    Congrats on your Hypeed feature, it’s stunning…Love that cape

  7. Wow, these look so amazing! Congrats on your feature.

    Definatly keeping me inspired through the work of starting my online store..

    oh and Indiana is so beautiful

  8. Sumo says:

    you have an amzing blog
    loving all the clothes

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