sequin underpants.

Top (vintage), Bow (“kittybow”, Twin Cat Vintage), Hotpants (H&M, Tokyo), Socks (cut-off tights)

I’m locked indoors all day because I’m waiting on various courier deliveries, but I am hoping the postman doesn’t knock while I’m prancing around in what are ridiculous, underpants-sized sequin hotpants.

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10 Responses to sequin underpants.

  1. Tina says:

    hehe love them!

  2. helena says:

    waheyyy, hellooo sam!

  3. Oh my god, you’ve inspired some jealousy over here. You look stunning. Just been reading through your old blog posts – I wish I could pull off half the things you do! GORGEOUS. mcx

  4. natalie says:

    the postie always catches me in my pjs and unbrushed hair!

  5. hahaha!!!! i think you should be sure to open the door in this outfit, it’s too fabulous, the postman will think all his christmases have come at once 🙂 !!!! loving the latest posts!

  6. Alexandra says:

    No way!
    I’ve been wanting sequin hotpants forever! Can never find them 😦
    Where were yours from?

    • Sam Twin Cat says:

      Alexandra, they’re pretty fun, I got mine in Japan though at H&M so it might be tough to find them here =( Perhaps eBay? xo

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