a wishlist/reflection of sorts.

The statement “Personal Style” is a concept I struggle with in my day-to-day dressing. I was toying with this concept as I started piecing together ideas for a new Style Profile feature I want to integrate into my blog, where I talk about “Personal Style” with the friends in my life who inspire me most.

There are some people (whom I am often envious of), who have a truly set-in-stone fashion identity and I am definitely not one of them. When I was younger I lent towards grungey/dark styling, because of a strong addiction to rock and roll. This still comes out in my wardrobe daily with the high number of leather and leopard garments, but as I get older I find myself attracted to more feminine cuts and fabrics, and now as Spring approaches, especially colours.

And while I used to want to dress in shapeless, oversized sacks of fabric all the time, I am really beginning to gravitate towards tailored and structured pieces. Perhaps this is simply growing up, or perhaps just a natural evolution of taste. Maybe I will never settle into one skin comfortably, but honestly, I think I’d still be happy with my mish-mash of eclectic and varied garments regardless.

Anyway, I wanted to share some (highly materialistic) things I am currently dreaming about.

Spring perfection. I am loving low backs, peekaboo bras and the midi-to-maxi length.

Just another reason why I wish H&M would open in Australia.

Alexander Wang lace-up leather. Perfect for going from Winter to Spring, though I think I would find a way to wear these all year round.

I made a promise to myself to not buy any more black footwear for a long time, and these (Sportsgirl & Jeffrey Campbell) shoes are what my Spring dreams are made of. It almost hurts to look at them is how badly I crave! (Pathetic).

I have to somehow find a way to incorporate the Northern Hemisphere’s autumn styling too – the colours and rich textures are making me drool.

Me today. Wearing vintage t-shirt, leopard shirt & denim jacket, eBay sunglasses, custom made boots & bag and cheap leggings.

I am also super pleased to have finished my first attempts at hand silkscreening. I wanted a nice, eco-friendly promotional piece for the new webstore launch and somehow roped my mum into sewing up a storm with some delightful calico tote bags. It became a family affair with my Dad helping me to silkscreen the Twin Cat logo onto the bags and now I have a whole lot of them ready to go. I am so lucky to have their full support.

The current TCV eBay collection ends in just two short days so if you haven’t had a look yet, now is the time to CHECK OUT THE EBAY STORE.

I am hoping to launch the new webstore on September 1st, so mark it in your diaries and make sure you have some pennies saved because I have been saving all the best vintage pieces for this very occasion! x

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7 Responses to a wishlist/reflection of sorts.

  1. Lyndsay says:

    Wow, those tote bags are awesome – you silk screened them yourself?! Must grill you on that one day soon!

  2. sally says:

    ohhh my god i also died for that first photo from The Streethearts! Everything about it is perfect. I’m also determined to find those Acne wedges.. can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming Sam 🙂


  3. I crush on both those shoes so hard. I am still considering getting the Shias. If Sportsgirl’s recent runway show is anything to go by, they should be having some mean shoes hit the stores over the next few months, so even more styles we can both drool over!

  4. i identify with the post so much. sometimes i wonder what the hell my ‘style’ is…then i remind myself its perfectly ok to not stay static stylistically and that its very me to wear a girly dress one day and leopard/motorcycle boots the next.

    Oh, and i’ve fallen in love with that H&M top. I so wish i bought more from there while in america!


  5. anya says:

    definitely lusting over most of those things as well! That long skirt would be number one on the list right now

  6. Bek says:

    I pretty much want all the shoes in this post haha
    And I’ve been IN LOVE with that little rust-coloured dress since I saw it on ASOS


  7. Lin_me says:

    Some pretty awesome stuff right there.
    This year ivie been totally wedge crazy. It all started with my Bronx wedge lace ups.
    Love the pic of the chick in the blue skirt

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