Honestly, I am thrilled to bits that THE BRAND NEW TWIN CAT WEBSTORE has finally gone live. There are still little things that need some ironing out (such as my blog, which turned out to be a massive hassle in the process of getting things all-techy together) but the main thing is, I can finally sleep tonight knowing that it’s out there in the universe!

I really hope you enjoy the new store, not just for your wardrobes but for outfit inspiration, style ideas, etc. I am pleased to have Twin Cat Collection up and also Tom Cat Vintage, a small but very select menswear range. And don’t my models look amazing? I really can’t thank them enough for their help. I also can’t thank the lovely Adam and Robby at yWorld enough either – especially Adam, who has been dealing with this stresshead quite well for the last few months as the pieces slowly fell into place. If I counted the number of e-mails I have sent him.. but I won’t because I probably can’t.

Also thank you to everyone who follows this blog, follows me on twitter or on Facebook or has e-mailed me encouraging words of support – thank you because it really has helped me keep going. It’s such a big thing to try and start your own business, especially when it’s such a competitive industry and you have hardly any start up capital and only your own two hands (well, and my family’s too!). I don’t mean to ramble on too much, or make this sound like an acceptance speech, but I really wanted to make it known that I appreciate any and all support.

This week has been major to say the least. I have been going to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week shows every night (getting dressed for that is a headache and a half) and will continue for the rest of the week. I look forward to getting some posts up about that too! I have a meeting tomorrow with a new vintage source, which is very exciting, and I hope to update the store at least once a week from now on PLUS keep the eBay store running too. Big big big plans.

Anyway, thank you again and I also apologise that the TCV Blog is a little out of whack right now, I’ll be working hard to make sure it all gets sorted soon.

So much love. Sam x

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