msfw / runway 2

Jacket & boots (custom made), Dress & hat (vintage), Necklace (mimco)

This is what I wore to another of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s designer runway shows.

Probably the closest to my natural style of dressing & I love that even though the neckline is unsuitably plunging, the hemline is longer, which makes it (slightly) less trash. I chose to counter-act this of course with trash leopard boots but the sentiment remains. I wore the same hat twice in a row (same jacket too) but this was probably my favourite way of styling them.

Some guy with a video camera asked if he could video me while I was sitting waiting for the show and I of course, politely obliged. I realise now how embarrassing this footage will be if it ever airs anywhere because I was so early to the show that I was sitting all on my own, with not another person near me, possibly in the entire frame. Perhaps a story on how it’s important to be tardy at Fashion Week?

The article I wrote for Spook Magazine, called “Life in the Second Row” is up for reading now, click here for my spiel. Writing is something I used to do quite frequently, but now  like many areas of my brain, it’s not regularly exercised and thus dying a slow death.

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5 Responses to msfw / runway 2

  1. Mez says:

    You look beautiful, love the neckline of the dress.

  2. words cannot describe how much i loveloveLOVE this outfit!! ahhh if i were there you wouldnt have been sitting alone, totally would have felt awkward alongside you with the camera filming 😉


  3. Sushi says:

    Love your outfit! I have to go take photos of my fashion week outfits right now actually… thanks for reminding me! Ah I wish I could write 😦 x Sushi

  4. MsCritique says:

    Love the shoes. You totally rocked it. mcx

  5. I V Y says:

    my gosh that is sexy !

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