Apologies for how uninspired this outfit post is & how samey-same it is to all of my recent ones. I am looking forward to some sunshine, so I can break away from the monotony of black leather, silver hardware and dare I say it, leopard print boots. I am by far a winter girl, but having been doing some buying trips lately where all I seem to be picking up is feminine pastels and florals, I am excited to change it up.

I have been a busy bee, hence the lack of blogging, with Blackbird Market on Saturday. It’s a big effort but always so much fun, especially when we hear wonderful feedback from our stallholders and patrons. I did a fun photoshoot yesterday for a kidswear label, the first photo job I have done in awhile that hasn’t been for my own projects, and I think I’d like to work with 7 year olds for the rest of my photographic career now. So adorable, so damn obedient and incredibly cute.

The main reason I haven’t been blogging is because this is a pretty temporary spot for me, as I am waiting for my lovely webguys to have my new (much more permanent) blog ready to go. I hate it when people move their blog around, it seems so “livejournal”, so I don’t blame you if you’ve stopped following.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week, I can’t wait to update the store with the new pieces I photographed today – so many amazing collars! x

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One Response to uninspired.

  1. Tegan Joan says:

    Ahh awesome outfit!

    Teags xx

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