new arrivals.

I have been spending far too much time playing Angry Birds on my iPhone lately, which has proved disastrous for my work life (and my social life, come to think of it, but that’s another story).

Regardless, if I can draw myself away from my phone, today I will be updating the Twin Cat Vintage webstore with a whole bunch of fabulous vintage. Here is a small handful of some of my favourite pieces that will be available, aswell as the gorgeous crochet jacket (some have likened to Romance was Born) that was shown in the previous post.

Can we also please stop for a moment to pay recognition to the cute new straw boater hat I bought (shown on Mardi in the white dress)? It’s the perfect way to dress up a cute sun dress, or a vintage tee and denim shorts combo!

I’ll be receiving my first sunglasses eyewear order this Friday, which I am very excited to start shooting for the store – some exceptionally cute styles at very reasonable prices! If you accidentally sit on, drop, run over with your car, etc, your sunglasses on a regular basis (like me), then you will not want to miss out on these affordable and stylish pieces!

Otherwise, stay tuned to the store for this afternoon’s big vintage drop! xx

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3 Responses to new arrivals.

  1. Twee says:

    Hey Sam, you look so cute in the last photo!!very lovely dress! Really like you with the red lip~!


  2. Lin says:

    I love your hair in the first two pictures.
    Xx great collection. Look forward to see more cooler clothes for the warmer seasons.

  3. I adore that pastel maxi skirt. I still haven’t worked out if they look good on me yet though!

    I think when you launched the new website something happened to my bloglovin’ link for your blog, because I haven’t had any posts from you for ages! I entered the blog through your website and was happy to find that there were actually a ton of entries waiting to be read! Yay!

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