get shady.

I am so excited to have the first drop of eyewear instore now at Twin Cat Vintage!
There are so many styles here that I personally am in love with, so my own collection of sunnies has certainly increased within the last week. =)

The best part is that no style is over $25! Got to love a cheap thrill.


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4 Responses to get shady.

  1. Sharon says:

    Argh! Sunnies! They all look amazing xx sharon

  2. those aviators are my pick!! i’ve always wanted to get a pair but i’m convinced none (except my ray bans) ever suit me, and end up making me look like a giant fly 😦


  3. kelsmo says:

    i can’t believe these are vintage :0

  4. Lee Oliveira says:

    I liked the 3rd one first and then I got lost because I like more than the 3rd one
    great selection

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