shop new.

I have been working myself into the ground the last couple of weeks with working days starting at 9am and ending somewhere around 2am. Starting your own business is so expensive and finding the money to keep up with bills and pay rent can be very tricky! I have not bought myself anything new for several months because everytime I think about it, I think about how that money would be better invested in something for my business’s future.

One of those very things includes a small range of ‘shop new’ pieces that will be arriving instore very soon! I am really excited to shoot these and get them instore because I fell in love with each and every one of the garments and couldn’t resist keeping one for myself (… guilty?). I also received the finished piece I recently designed for Twin Cat Collection and after I do a special photoshoot for it, that will be going online too.

I’m so excited for tonight, as I have been most difficult to be around lately (grumpy and always tired) and I have a lovely dinner planned with my boyfriend – I went grocery shopping today and can’t wait to just take one night off and enjoy a yummy meal. The back into the working week feeling hopefully much more refreshed! x

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