I’d like to formally introduce the newest piece in the Twin Cat Collection.. collection? This is the Penelope Silk Top. Making me think of dreamy summer afternoon picnics in pretty gardens, but also equally at home in a summer music festival, the Penelope is the classic summer staple done that little bit more special in 100% pure silk.

The perfect layering piece with its super low scoop back and loose fit means that a statement bra can be worn underneath or it can be layered with a graphic print top or perhaps bodycon dress. Penelope is already at home in my wardrobe (in both the black and blush pink) and I hope she finds love in other wardrobes around Australia too this season!

Available here at Twin Cat Vintage.

I’m also excited to be able to share with you the new Shop New department at Twin Cat. Though it’s small to begin with, I can’t wait to let it grow and become as large a feature as the vintage department.

Penelope Silk Top – Black

Penelope Silk Top – Pink

Jailbird Striped Top

Clover Satin Skirt

Ophelia Dress – Pink

Ophelia Dress – Black

In My Pocket Top

The Cat’s Meow Jumper

Bon Voyage Lover T-shirt Dress

I have to confess I have kept one of a lot of these pieces and am happily wearing my Jailbird striped top as I sit here and type this. =)

Not only have we updated the Twin Cat webstore with all of these lovely new goodies, but the eBay store was also updated over the weekend with all the spring vintage frocks you could dream of! The auctions end next Sunday night from 6.30pm onwards, so make sure you take a peek (if only just to perve on our delish new Twin Cat model Sarah-Jane!) and see if anything takes your fancy. Check out our Bargain eBay Store here.

That was a mighty big update and seeing as it’s only Monday I can’t imagine how busy this week is going to be. x

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2 Responses to penelope.

  1. helena says:

    best way to advertise… having it look fabulous on you!

    i love the top sam! would totally order one if i wasn’t leaving tomorrow. also, love the black cat top. where is that from??

  2. i am SO close to buying both the penelope top and clover skirt…but i’m desperately trying to save for melbourne and i havent even paid my bf back for the flights yet…ahhh stop tempting me sam! the top is PERFECT!!

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