neapolitan dreams.

Twin Cat “Jailbird Striped Top”, Vintage cut offs, cheap boots, Sportsgirl boater hat, vintage Dior bag

These photos were taken prior to the 6-pack of beers and 2 bottles of cheap champagne that my friend Nick and I polished off last night. I had intended on interviewing and taking photos of him for a new blog feature (he is incredibly stylish) but we ended up getting sloshed and taking embarrassing photos that will most likely never be seen anywhere. Ever. We clocked up a 20-minute interview too, but again, I’m a bit scared to listen to it.

I know I’m way late onboard the coloured hair trend but I attempted a DIY hair colouring sesh anyway, which ended in one very messy bathroom sink and this ice-cream coloured hair. I literally just dunked the ends in a bowl of slightly diluted food dye and hoped for the best. It’s nice for a (very) temporary change, even though my hair now resembles all three flavours involved in a tub of neapolitan ice-cream.

Let’s also take a moment to coo over this amazing Dior bag I found while out op-shopping a few weeks ago. I know right? xx

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3 Responses to neapolitan dreams.

  1. I love the hair! That bag is such a great find, you are one lucky lady.


  2. Amie says:

    like i said on twitter, totally rad hair!

    x amie

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