white pearl.

Vintage sheer drape jacket & bag, DIY studded shorts, American Apparel t-shirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Sportsgirl necklace & armour ring

I’ve been reading my granddad’s memoirs over the last week, he has written his life story for our family to enjoy. He fought in WWII as a pilot and aircraft technician and spent months away from Australia fighting for his country. He was one of the first on site in Hiroshima, Japan after the atomic bomb was dropped and saw firsthand the absolute devastation it caused. They drank the water because no one knew anything about radioactivity.

Absorbing his story and trying to comprehend the radical changes in technology, social norms and the global climate that his generation have lived through; in times when Australia had the slogan “populate or perish”, and the roads were unmade and television did not exist, make describing why I like this outfit feel a little redundant. I spend most days researching fashion trends, blogging to a faceless audience, photographing models and complaining about paying rent and I don’t think I stop to appreciate my lifestyle nearly often enough.

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4 Responses to white pearl.

  1. i often feel the same way. i obsess over a pair of shoes or a dress, work more hours than a student should to pay for them and rent, but is that really living? i feel like i’m wasting my life here when the world is so big and unexplored by me. and that my dream to live in ny is just that; a dream that will never happen. i guess all we have to do is realise nothing is impossible and to grasp every opportunity that comes along!

    sorry for the essay comment…by the way i just LOVE your hair nice and big like that 🙂


  2. helena says:

    i love this post sam! from the outfit to the photos (good work chase!) to the thoughtful words. 🙂 our relatives are interesting. it’s funny i can think of my grandparents as people but forget my parents had interesting lives too, haha.

  3. These shorts are gorgeous! great DIY job… Your grandfather sounds like a very wise man, its so wonderful that you are taking time to appreciate what he has to say and understand a little more about your family, what you are doing now is something you should be proud of…

    Like you said the radical changes in Social norms and technology have changed alot of things but you are still doing something good

  4. Becky says:

    This is nice.
    Those boots are probably close to the most amazing leopard ones I’ve seen!

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