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I’m so excited that the new issue of Spook Magazine is finally out! Not only is it one of the country’s premier magazines for quality journalism (nothing tabloid about it) but this month Twin Cat Vintage takes up 1/3rd of page 14. It’s our first piece of print media press!

Click here for the article scan.

I’m so proud of the Spook team for developing such a unique magazine that manages to find the perfect balance between male and female, celebrity and integrity, and commercial and art. This particular issue is particularly poignant with the title ‘Evolve or Perish’ and explores the concept of the death of print media – I’m very honoured to be a part of it all.

I should also use this opportunity to mention Lost at E Minor, one of the most popular cultural websites and mailing lists in Australia, who also published a small piece about Twin Cat last month.

Click here for the web piece.

I’m currently compiling a Press page for the website and will be linking all those bloggers who have been so generous and kind to me by featuring Twin Cat Vintage on their blogs, I’ll be sure to mention  it when it’s live.

In the meantime, working on getting new stock in the webstore by early next week, I have a lot of really amazing stuff that I can’t wait to photograph. Happy Thursday! xx

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One Response to press – spook magazine

  1. chow says:

    wow congrats sam this is awesome! i can’t wait to meet up with you later this month!


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