a few of my favourite things.

The lovely Amanda from fashion website 2Threads recently e-mailed me regarding a promotion that they are running in conjunction with Smirnoff for fashion bloggers, and asked for some of my tips on the party season and getting dressed up for it!

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you some of my favourite trends for this season and the ways in which I have chosen to incorporate them into my own wardrobe. I’m a particularly thrifty person when it comes to my personal wardrobe (I tend to op-shop everything or find it at markets) and I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my most recent finds.  You’ll notice I’m not really a chiffon cocktail dress kind of girl, nor am I a giant tanned glamazon so these trends are ones that I think suit my own style and figure and easily transcend from day to night!

The starting point for me when getting dressed up is usually the shoes! This is particularly easy when all your shoes kind of look the same anyway. Here are my current faves. I know I’m going to have to put them away in favour of more ‘warm weather’ choices soon, but I just love boots – I feel they add a certain casual element to even the dressiest of ensembles.

Lately I have been obsessed with a bold, red lip. I could never do this when I wore braces so I’m making up for a year and a half of lip gloss wearing.

This photo (stolen from Chase’s phone) also embodies other trends I am loving: leather, silk and shirts! Always buttoned up to the top (for some reason I feel this is a very ‘Melbourne’ thing to do).

POLKA DOTS! (Left: Dress bought from Blackbird Market, Right: Vintage Skirt)
I am on the hunt for a black and white sheer polka dot blouse right now but in the meantime I am showing my love of all things spotty with these two pieces. The dress even has a lovely tutu-style tulle underskirt.

STRIPES! (Left: Gifted ‘Jorge’ crop top from Fashion Journal giftbag, Right: Vintage Dress)
Embrace ‘Sailor Cool’ with a bold stripe – this crop tee is perfect with denim cut off shorts and a straw boater hat for a casual and chic day event, and this slouchy oversized dress is my favourite dress and easily my most comfortable too. It looks fabulous with statement earrings, slicked back hair and a sun tan! (I’m working on the latter part).

ROCK N’ROLL TEES! (Left: Vintage Queen t-shirt from eBay, Right: Cut Up Mens Tee)
Vintage rock and roll tees are my quintessential wardrobe staple and these are the two I am wearing most at the moment. Throw on a glittery skirt and some sky high heels and you have the perfect mix of ‘I slept in this t-shirt last night’ and ‘I know it looks great though hey?’

FLORALS! (Left: Vintage dress, Right: Vintage dress)
Florals are always a trend that will be popular but these two dresses have that little bit extra. The one on the left is what I’d call a “Christmas Lunch” dress – the party dress you most likely wore as a 5-year-old with it’s gorgeous lace collar and perfectly puffed sleeves. The 70’s dress on the right embraces the current “kimono” trend with beautiful long draped sleeves and the waist ties which create the perfect fit.

I also feel like you can’t go wrong with some seriously over-the-top embellishments (feather capes, chunky necklaces and statement rings), plenty of leopard print (an oversized floppy clutch? Leopard waist belt?) and a felt hat (wide brim floppy hat or a black fedora).

I hope this has inspired you for the upcoming party season! Let me know what your favourite trends are too! xx

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4 Responses to a few of my favourite things.

  1. chow says:

    those little booties second from the right…i must see a closer photo of those. they are ADORABLE! i’ve been looking for little boots like that for a long time, all i have are my cassette society ones.

    and i want a feather cape too! i saw the sportsgirl ones were on sale and i’m so very tempted…


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  3. That spotty dress! So incredibly adorable. I also love that photo of you at the train station, the lighting looks so pretty.

    I am going to do one of these posts too on the weekend, but like yours my style is not the typical party look so I am going to have to think of something unique to do. I love how you have put your own spin on things.


  4. Ra says:

    i have waaaaay too many rock tees…but then again, can you ever have enough?

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