bringing it in.

Sorry for my blogging absence – I have been Internetless (and still am.. it’s truly killing me) and been busy moving home and studio, and then spent the new year on the surf coast at Lorne for Falls Festival.

So many highlights – really liked being able to finally see Interpol live, and the Klaxons. Watching Flayva Flav from Public Enemy crack the shits in the VIP bar was pretty amusing (he couldn’t believe he had to line up for a meal) and watching The Rapture play from the side of stage mezzanine was definitely the best moment. The crowd looked amazing and went back as far as the eye could see – no photo could ever do it justice.

The Rapture and their crew were the nicest guys ever – my pal Emma and I were their drivers for the festival, and they were very funny and very generous – definitely made the long drives and three days without sleep much more bearable! They didn’t seem to notice that I had no real idea of how to drive a car the size of a school bus, or if they did, they were very polite about it.

Anyway, I am really excited about what the new year holds – I can’t wait to get my new office space all in order and show you! The house move and holiday break has really unsettled my routine, so I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and working hard to bring my store to the ‘next level’. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter! xx

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One Response to bringing it in.

  1. helena says:

    sometimes i would like to BE you sam. so effortlessly cool!

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