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One of the difficult things about moving house/office was figuring out where I would be able to shoot the photos for my store and what lighting configuration I would need to.. configure? Anyway, I pranced about this morning trying out lighting settings, etc. in the dress I bought for my birthday last month and a vintage cardigan that will be in store hopefully tomorrow, if Mr. Telstra turns up this afternoon and hooks us up with some much needed internet.

Moving = Big Drainer. We also have no couch to sit on, or tables to eat on, but Chase bought a 50 inch 3D plasma so at least we have a lot to watch, from our position on the floor.

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9 Responses to readers & writers.

  1. Deb says:

    Hi Darl,

    Love the outfit – must tell me where you purchased your cross ring and tail bag charm. Been on the hunt for both of those! x

  2. chow says:

    i am so in love with this outfit. the entire thing. SO IN LOVE!!


  3. Sushi says:

    LOVE this outfit! I’m on the hunt for a foxtail bag charm at the moment too. I’m in exactly the same position as you with the moving! We got a new apartment and have just moved into it from a share house so we’ve got hardly any furniture and only wooden floorboards to sit on x Sushi

  4. Oooo sam your so gorgeous!
    I need a foxtail stat! I love the Cardi and the dress combo… Is is hot at the moment for you? I’m practically melting in perth!

  5. Sammi says:

    I love that dress! It’s absolutely adorable! Where did you get it? 🙂

  6. zoe says:

    Just stumbled across your blog through a post by the lovely Le Blog De Sushi, loving it so far! Just wondering where your bag is from? Ta x

    • Hi Zoe, thanks so much for the lovely compliments – I had written where I got everything but wordpress seemed to delete it hmm… Anyway, the bag is a vintage one I picked up at the Salvos. xx

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