(Pleated skirt, bag, coin bracelet – vintage; silk top – Twin Cat Collection (available here); fox tail – eBay; wooden sandals – Novo; jewellery – Sportsgirl, Diva & misc)

A quartz bullet pendant I bought my boyfriend. The way the morning light hits the blinds and sheer veils that envelope our bed. An antique coin bracelet that makes me dream of all the places that these coins have travelled to over their years and the stories they would share if only they could. A velvet bowtie that has made itself home on the base of our vintage living room lampshade.

And my new favourite skirt, in a perfectly sickening tone of green, in two sizes too big so it forms a paperbag waistline by pure accident. Add some strange facial expressions and tripod activity and you have a mish mashed collage of events and occurances.

I’d like to thank all the new readers I have gained recently for all your lovely comments – it inspires me to be more creative, document more of my life and actually feel passionate again about what was once my only passion (that is, camera obscura). If you’d like to follow my blog via bloglovin, please feel free to do so via this link.

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5 Responses to collector.

  1. oh my gahh, that skirt is amazing. I’m in love with the color. xx

  2. That bow tie around the lamp is just too cute. Also I am in love with your new maxi skirt, you pull off that colour so so well.

  3. lisa says:

    only just discovered your blog!
    loving it so much so far!

  4. lisa says:

    only just discovered your blog and loving it so far!

  5. Jess says:

    dear Sam,
    i love the skirt. and i have never heard the term ‘paperbag waistline’. i’m not sure if it’s a thing, or whether you made it up, but it is such a nice and accurate image.
    i got your blog address from ryan this morning,
    and am now stuck here, absorbed, instead of doing my readings. which are also interesting (in an art way), but do not contain photographs from recent fashion shows (or any fashion shows) (or any pictures, if i were to exaggerate only by about three), …etc etc, i’m also looking at your website.
    everything is beautiful and professional and happy.
    furthermore, it was very nice to meet you at the Penthouse Mouse/Photoshoot situation the other night.
    from Jess
    p.s. my clothing blog is:

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