in the way she moves.

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I’m not sure where my obsession with Pattie Boyd started; from the fascination I had with 1960’s England when I was a teenager, or perhaps images I had seen floating around of her perfect hairstyle. Perhaps it’s just because she stole the heart of my favourite Beatle.

Anyway, to this day, Pattie remains an eternal enchantment. Her photograph aswell as her photographs are intoxicating and inspiring and bring me a sense of wonder and bittersweet when I relate them to the stories I’ve read, of good and of bad. She is truly magical.

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2 Responses to in the way she moves.

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  2. Rebeca says:

    I agree completely. He’s my favourite beatle and actually, Pattie Boyd did an exhibit in London not long ago and i was lucky enough to meet her. She is amazing.

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