(Kimono – DIY me; Shorts – vintage; Singlet top – Supre; Wedges – H&M; Jewellery – Sportsgirl, Diva, General Pants, self-made DIY & vintage)

I mentioned the other day on twitter that I was ready for a good ol’ DIY sesh and here is the result – my first “drapey sheer oversized kimono jacket thingo” (the exact words I used to describe it to my mum when I rocked up at her place and demanded she teach me to how to draft a pattern for it). For a beginner pattern-maker, I am pleased with my little kimono and am looking forward to making more, perhaps in a burnout velvet with fringing if I dare get confident.

The incredibly hot weather here has been causing havoc for me so this is a pretty simple outfit – I sensed a potential overkill of the leopard print (shoes, peekaboo bra and hair band) but then, I’ve never thought that too much leopard was a bad thing. Unless perhaps you’re Paris Hilton. Then it is.

Anyway, Chase took these photos down the end of our street this evening- I feel lucky that we live only 15 minutes from the CBD yet still by the bay. Especially on days like this!

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9 Responses to driftwood.

  1. Caryl says:

    Love the material you used for the kimono. You definitely didn’t overkill with the leopard print; the three pieces are subtle enough to work together without being overwhelming.

  2. chow says:

    wow wow WOW. i am so into this kimono its ridiculous. if i knew how to make them i’ve have one in every colour and pattern! You should seriously consider making these to sell sam!


  3. that kimono is effing gorgeous, you did such a great job. a burnout velvet one would be heaven. x

  4. I just found your blog via Chictopia and had to stop by to tell you how fab you are! I love your blog and am now I new follower! Lovely photos, girl!

    Hope you’ll stop by soon and say hello!

  5. Stacy says:

    Oh my god, I want your kimono thingy!
    It’s perfectionnnnn, ugh but if I attemt it it will look rubbish.
    I have the same rings as you 🙂


  6. straycat says:

    Jesus, this is one of my favorite blog posts ever. I wish you would use Tumblr more, I would reblog so many of these pictures.

  7. The kimono is gorgeous – what a fab DIY!

    Loving the photos too 🙂

    Friend in Fashion

  8. Chanelle says:

    Whoa, good job on that – I don’t think I could ever make anything that well.

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