(Shawl & hat – vintage; Singlet – Menswear DIY; Boots – Jeffrey Campbell; Leather shorts – H&M; Star Brooch, Feather necklace & jade bangle – vintage; Other bling – Diva, Sportsgirl)

I will call this my ‘True Grit’ outfit as I wore it to go to see the Coen brothers remake and received several stares from fellow popcorn-eaters until I realised they probably thought I was a hardcore western film fan and had taken the non-existent dress code a little too seriously. A little bit like a Star Wars fan at a convention? Anyway, I liked the film but will reserve the right to don this ensemble at any given time.

I am a little bit obsessed with all things Texas Ranger right now (but not ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’) and this silk fringe shawl ticked all my boxes. Living in inner-city Melbourne means that I can’t quite get away with stomping around in cowboy boots, spurs and chaps all day but I’ll attempt to fill my home with an assortment of cacti and pretend regardless.

In exciting store news, I finally have a new collection ready to be listed in the webstore which sadly includes half of my own vintage wardrobe as a series of hefty (and I mean hefty) bills have been stacking up. My loss is your win and some of these pieces will be truly missed. I’m aiming to get them instore over the next two days so keep an eye out. xx

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5 Responses to rumours.

  1. Taylor says:

    I love those boots! I have the black ones with the harness, but really wanted the leopard.

  2. Kirryn says:

    Seriously drooling over that shawl! I’m loving all things drapey and eye-catching at the moment.

  3. Federica says:

    This outfit is perfect!
    I am in love with your boots!!!

  4. Karin says:

    this is just so fabulous, Your shawl is to die for
    yay for the Coen brothers…
    lovely blog

  5. LARRIE says:

    wowzah, what a cape/shawl! great outfit x

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