wrapped in plastic

(Military shirt – Somedays Lovin; Laura Palmer dress – Alpha60; Skirt – Supre; Boots – Doc Martens; Necklace – Chase’s from etsy; Rings – eBay, Sportsgirl & Diva; Backpack – vintage)

Not going to lie – I felt like a rebellious 90’s Nirvana-listening teen hiding behind the lockers at school for a smoke in this outfit. I’m digging the military shirt by Somedays Lovin which goes perfectly over anything and everything, and this Twin Peaks dress by Alpha60 is one of my favourite pieces. (By the way, is that anyone else’s favourite TV show? Genius!)

I bought the claw ring off a Bulgarian eBay seller the other day and it’s absolute love. It temporarily quenches my desire for anything Pamela Love-esque. I feel very, very short when I don’t wear heels but the truth is, I spend most days scuffing around my house in ugg boots so even these classic 7-up Docs feel like I’m making an effort. That might just be because they weigh a tonne, and seriously ARE an effort to traipse around in.


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5 Responses to wrapped in plastic

  1. Chanelle says:

    Tell me this was Daria-inspired and not just a freaky coincidence?! (Please say yes…then I wouldn’t be alone in occasionally dressing like my favourite cartoon characters.)

  2. Natalie says:

    Oh yeah, when I put my docs on I remember what it’s like to wear propper shoes, not flimsy little ballet flats. I can’t believe I wore them every day for school!

  3. Ashley Rose says:

    Loveee Khaki on you, looks gorgeous! and that necklace! x

  4. Hen says:

    You are in my Sunday blogger inspiration post!
    This is the link if you want to have a look 🙂

  5. ashley says:

    LOVE this!!!! and your hair is amaaaaazing. i am going back to bangs after a long hiatus, and your fringe pushed me over the edge. making an appointment asap.

    ashley ❤

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