silk pleats.

(Skirt, shirt, tie, jacket – vintage; Bag – custom made in Vietnam; Tail charm – Twin Cat Vintage; Boots – Rubi Shoes)

I have been obsessing a bit over pops of neon colour lately and this shirt in a puke-inducing shade of citrus is just what my monochromatic wardrobe needed.

I wore this to Fashion Full Stop tonight but was pretty relieved to get home and take off the heels, remove my make-up and throw on some PJ pants. There is something magical about the feeling of soft Ugg boots after a day dressed up in restrictive clothes. Not to mention how wonderful it is to lather on an enormous amount of aloe vera, as my back got absolutely roasted at Bondi over the weekend during my quick work trip to Sydney.

Anyway, back in Melbourne now and trying to catch up on the onslaught of work I currently have, not to mention get to the Fashion Festival events that I have written in my diary.

Oh, and my ‘Older Posts’ button mysteriously disappeared the other day from the bottom of the page, so I apologise for the inconvenience and I’m trying to figure out how to get it back. If you are more WordPress competent than myself (not hard), please let me know!

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7 Responses to silk pleats.

  1. Mez says:

    LOVE the pop of neon.
    I’m all for a pop of neon but am yet to do it with clothes, I tend to lean more into the accessories department.

  2. loving that pop of neon!!! gorgeous lime yellow shade! I’m amazed that bag of yours is custom made! how cool is that!
    come stop by for a visit,
    x Your Only Blackswan

  3. Just bought an Essie nail polish in the same shade as your shirt! xo

  4. oh thats the right kind of neon, love it!
    looking great hun xx

  5. sophamapoph says:

    Love the shirt colour.

  6. I never thought to have a bag made! This one is super cute! The green looks amazing on you, colour in general looks great on you Sam! I hope you enjoyed your little break!

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