the graduate.

(Shirt, Flower headpiece, Leather necklace – Sportsgirl; Skirt & bag – vintage; Boots – RMK op-shopped)

My house is a mess. There is so much shit everywhere. Clothes are sitting in crumpled up piles all around my room. Dishes have been breeding overnight and multiplying in the kitchen sink. There are brochures and pamphlets and tiny bits of paper all across my desk. The bed remains perpetually unmade. This whole week has been non-stop and I have loved every second of it.

Anyway, apologies for the difficult-to-see outfit photos – usually I attempt to take photos of what I’m wearing prior to getting absolutely blotto, but sometimes things just don’t work out that way.

Tuesday night saw the ‘Graduate Runway presented by Sportsgirl’ and the event ‘Junkyard Dogs’ thrown by SPOOK magazine and Penthouse Mouse. I got to see heaps of my favourite tweeting babes, although some of them remained particularly elusive whenever I pulled the camera out.

(Nadia – The Animal Orchestra, Alicia – Sea of Ghosts & Selena – Dear Selena)

I somehow ended up in front of the camera presenting the video for Junkyard Dogs (again, some bad timing on my behalf in terms of alcohol consumption), and I’ll post that up soon because I got some really nice interviews and the entire night of live shooting was a really interesting and exciting concept.

The Graduate Runway event sponsored by Sportsgirl was incredible. I took so many photos because the 12 designers were simply oozing creativity, innovation and exceptional forwards-thinking talent. It really shows why we should have faith in our own fashion industry and why we should support up and coming designers… these are the people who you will be hearing about in the not-so-distant future!

My article about Fashion Full Stop can be read here.

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3 Responses to the graduate.

  1. jamie-lee says:

    I love your outfit, that headpiece is very sweet – where did you get it from?

    And the photo’s are fantastic, sounds like a lovely time! x

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