leopard challenge.

(Shirt – vintage DIY; Shorts – Charcoal, Boots – unknown, Bag – Mimco)

Last week during one of my in-depth twitter conversations, my pals Rene & Lana and I discovered we shared one common love in life (well, we probably have several more shared loves, but this one struck us as particular). LEOPARD PRINT. Thus, the Leopard Challenge was born, five days straight of us all incorporating our favourite type of spots into our outfits, and then tweeting the results.

This is my Day 2 effort, very casual and very comfy. Not something I’d usually bother to do an outfit post based on, but definitely something I’m more likely to wear on days where I can’t really be effed. Hence the fringe is even pinned back. I bought this lightweight mens denim shirt awhile back and added some studs to the shoulders. The bag is by Mimco and is big enough to fit nearly everything I own into it. Definitely one of the most practical buys I’ve ever made.

In the little gardens where we stopped to take photos, we encountered a little furry friend, which reminded me of all the gorgeous cats I met in Japan. When I was sorting through the photos Chase took, I noticed that there were at least five times more photos of this guy than of me, haha. (Understandable though, he is definitely cuter).

And then Chase, inspired perhaps by a certain B. Grylls, decided to become one with the trees.

The Twin Cat Vintage store was updated yesterday with plenty of new vintage delights, I say it all the time but they are definitely some of my favourites yet. Hope you’re all having a great week so far!

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6 Responses to leopard challenge.

  1. lookin lovely hun! Aw hes such a cute kitty! 🙂
    love your DIY shirt! I wish it was cooling down here in perth to wear stockings again…

  2. That’s DIY?! Neat!
    I like this challenge and ur shorts even more! X

  3. Argh your so amazing!
    Great DIY Can’t wait to see whats to follow!

  4. Marianne says:

    Wonderful post! Love the leopard print challenge (I am getting a bit of leopard print action starting here, slowly though hehe) and you look great! Love the little cat too, he looks just like my cat!

  5. Thanks for the lovely words guys! xx

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