(Silk shirt – Twin Cat Collection; Shorts – Maurie & Eve; Faux Fur – Vintage)

Last night I attended the El Jimador Tequila party held in South Melbourne at St Ali’s. Pictured above is my boyfriend Chase (first photo) and my pal Nick (4th photo). Apologies also for the unartistic photography.
It was a Mexican-themed event, not in terms of tacos, sombreros and poncho-wearing guitarists, much to Chase’s disappointment, but rather Mexico’s highest selling tequila brand and 6 of their country’s creatives (artists and musicians) showing us what Mexico City is all about.

Copious amounts of tequila cocktails were drunk. I mean copious. 80’s “hi-nrg” band Trans-X (Canadian, but apparently now based in Mexico) performed a hi-nrg set. We danced about the fairy floss art installation & I awoke this morning to find my shoes covered in pink and blue melted sugar.

Here is our drink order.

Chase & I and Andy Warhol. I mean, sorry, the singer from Trans-X.

Mexican has long been my favourite type of cuisine and now I think it may be my favourite type of alcohol too. And perhaps favourite type of hi-nrg 80’s synth electro pop.

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7 Responses to tequila.

  1. Ashley Rose says:

    Thats look like a great night, love those shorts!!! mmm Mexican dam craving nachos now x Ash

  2. Great shots, I was so intrigued when you were tweeting about a Tequila party. I hated it, until i went to the US and Mexico. Don Julio is the best! xx

  3. Sounds like you had loads of fun! I love your shorts Sam!

  4. helena says:

    Goodness gracious me. You two are SO tanned. I miss sunshine! We’re finally getting some.

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