autumn cleaning.

One of my clothing racks caved in over the weekend, finally overcome by the sheer weight of clothing I had piled onto it.

Rather than seeing this as a sign to make a trip to IKEA (this thought did occur to me, believe me), I decided it was actually a sign that I have too many clothes. I’m guilty, like many, of holding onto things because there is a glimmer (even the tiniest of ones) of a chance I may want to wear it one day in the next 250 years. Or because it holds sentimental value to me. Or because it’s not my size but it sure is pretty in my wardrobe?

Anyway, my loss is your gain. I’m (reluctantly) selling stuff on eBay. The listings start from 6pm tonight and I do hope they go to good homes, possibly better than my own, with owners who don’t allow their clothing racks to topple over haphazardly.

White Lace Bell Sleeve Dress / Vintage Black Floral Satin Skirt

Sheer Blue Secretary Dress with Pussybow / Vintage Abstract Print Dress

Navy & Cream Lace-up Back Dress

Toi et Moi Cut Out Back Dress

Green Indian Embroidered Boho Dress / Evil Twin Burnt Orange Slouch Top

Vintage Citrus Shirt / Vintage ESCADA Slouch Blazer

Vintage Pleat Palazzo Pants / Acid Wash Racer Back Maxi Dress

VISIT THE EBAY STORE (items arriving from 6pm).

PS. There is still a strong chance that my jackets and coats rack (pictured above) will fall over.

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9 Responses to autumn cleaning.

  1. helena says:

    You inspired me to get some bright bright colours. I went to H&M and bought a bright yellow/lime top to go with all my black.

  2. I love that first shot so much.. all the fur & sequins.. yesss! the shots of you & your bf from the last post are way cute too! xx

  3. I am so jealous of all your lovely wooden hangers, I have been wanting to convert from my cheap plastic hangers but it seems so expensive as I have so many clothes! And I wish I had even more money so I could buy all your wonderful cast offs, that black skirt in particular is calling my name…

  4. jess says:

    i don’t mean to gush at you twice, but your ebay store is so professional and useful.
    thought process: “but what size is that?”
    *finds marked size AND revised size*
    yes please.

    • aw jess, thanks so much for the lovely words! my aim is always to be as thorough and professional as possible with my store, so that’s such great feedback to hear! =)
      thanks again! xx

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