sneaks & bling.

(Harness & black rats leggings – sass & bide; t-shirt & bag – vintage; sneakers – Converse)

I seldom like to post photos of my ‘day to day’ outfits because quite frankly, they’re usually quite boring. I dress for comfort more often than not. I don’t always wear make-up. I usually wear flat boots. Sometimes I wear my pyjamas until 5pm. They have dinosaurs on them so on special occasions I build a cubby in my living room and pretend I’m living in the stone age. (Kidding. Kind of).

All of this was the norm, up until now. Now that this simple piece of tiny black fabric hand embellished with gold beads and an exposed zipper back has entered my life. Now my day to day outfits will never be the same. I Can Wear Sneakers And Still Look A Bit Fancy!! It literally goes with everything.

I wonder if it will match my pyjamas too…

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9 Responses to sneaks & bling.

  1. Tikkitiboo says:

    Lovin’ the Chucks with this combination – aren’t they just soooo comfy?!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Blog

  2. chow says:

    ohh i want s&b to do another warehouse sale in perth! i LOVE that harness, i am so addicted to all their harnesses really. was it expensive?

    • I know, too much amazing stuff at the sales – I wish I had had some kind of really fancy event coming up (like a bestfriend’s wedding?) so I could have justified a big splurge on one of their more amazing frocks…
      It wasn’t expensive at all – $50 I think?? x

  3. Lydz says:

    that harness is just mad. love the look!
    Lydz xX

  4. emily says:

    oh my good gosh that harness is amazing.
    i’m so jealous. i would take it into wardrobe anytime of day,
    love your style

  5. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get to the sale. Love this outfit! (I wear my pyjmamas all day too)

  6. This outfit is gorgeous. I’m seriously obsessed with that harness! Now following with bloglovin 🙂

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    Collections Giveaway

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