up from below.

(Velvet leopard print top, hat, bag & boots – vintage; Black rats leggings – sass & bide; Lace jacket – Sportsgirl)

Oh IKEA, what happiness and joy you bring me on a cloudy day. You really know the way to this girl’s heart; Swedish meatballs dipped in a wonderous combination of gravy and lingonberries. Complimentary coffee for joining your cult-like “family”. Endless possibilities for living in small spaces. Room after room of storage inspiration & wheelie trolleys with aisles wide enough to show off my fabulous gymnastic skills.

Chase and I make a trip to IKEA at least once a month as we’re always trying to find inexpensive ways to improve our small unit, and also because we really like the meatballs (we went there for Valentine’s Day last year… sad, or creative?).

It seems Melbourne has officially hit autumn and all of my favourite garments can come out to play! I’ve decided to stop spending on tizzy and trendy items and focus on building up a collection of essential wardrobe staples to get me through winter. First stops are a pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans and the perfect slouchy t-shirts in white, grey and black. Any suggestions guys?

PS. Chase is clearly winning when it comes to the trolley gymnastics.

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3 Responses to up from below.

  1. Lucy says:

    of course Iim loving teh rats and fox tail, and aw photos are so fun gorgeous! if only I had an IKEA nearby – or at least anywhere in my state – my life (well at least my bedroom) would be complete. too spot on about autumn, I’ve been living in my levi black skinnies and basic slouchy tees/knits now it’s getting cooler xx

    • IKEA is the best, dont you even have one in your STATE? Oh that would suck! We’re lucky to be getting another one in Melbourne soon. What brand tees have you been buying lovely? I need some recommendations! x

  2. Marianne says:

    Hehe awesome post 🙂 I’ll go with creative!

    And I am with you on the wardrobe essentials thing – I want to find one or two perfect, great quality things… but it’ll be tricky!

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