DIY >> sheer maxi skirt

(skirt – DIY; t-shirt & harness – sass&bide; singlet – Supre; boots – rubi; hat – vintage; necklace – Sportsgirl)

By now you have probably seen the sheer maxi skirt gracing the pages of most of your favourite street style websites and blogs. Hanging out for one and being in a particularly broke week prompted me to have a go at making my own and it was surprisingly easy.Β  It’s proven itself to be quite a good wardrobe staple and is sexy without actually showing much skin at all.

So here is the quick rundown on how to go about making one too. The only difficult part is deciding what you’re going to wear underneath it!

This DIY was one of the easiest projects I’ve done and the skirt only cost me about $15 to make. I bought my fabric from Lincraft and it was a chiffon blend.

1. Fold the fabric in half so it makes a long rectangle
2. Sew down the open side. This will form your side seam. (I used a sewing machine but neat hand sewing should work fine!)
3. Overlock or turn over the top of the rectangle to neaten the edge and then stitch a fold over, leaving enough width for your elastic to slide through. This will be your elastic casing. (I stitched two rows, one close to the top edge so that the elastic wouldn’t get twisted inside). Make sure you leave a small gap (two inches) in the stitching to be able to put the elastic inside.

4. Measure and cut the elastic to fit your waist and then thread elastic through the casing you’ve made in the top of the skirt, gathering the skirt as you go. I attach a safety pin to the end to help me ease the elastic through it, as this can be quite time consuming. Once threaded, sew the two ends of the elastic together.
5. The last step is simply trying on your skirt and hemming it to the correct length for you!
NB: Those are the fairly basic steps, so if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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15 Responses to DIY >> sheer maxi skirt

  1. selena says:

    amazing amazing!


  2. Oh hun i love this DIY post!
    looks fab, will def have to try it soon when i get a chance πŸ˜€

  3. samantha says:

    hey sam
    hope you dont mind me asking, but what size did you get your sass and bide harness in? or is it a free size thing? i love it, and am scouring ebay for it and apparently it is sold with a dress, i dont know if i should get the 10 or 12, and from months of stalking you i think we’re roughly the same sizze
    thanks bro
    sam, xo

    • hi sam! i got the harness in a size 40 (which equates to a size 10). i bought the harness on its own (without a dress) and i have seen them on ebay before on their own too. i would say they’re pretty spot on with sizing accuracy too!
      hope this helps somewhat, and good luck with finding one! xx

  4. samantha says:

    thanks chicky, im trawling ebay like a crazy person right now.
    which i secretly love, so hooray for meeee!

  5. LeFanciulle says:

    This maxi skirt looks great on you!! I heard they sell them at supre, too, for a good price…but yours is MUCH nicer and fuller. Also cheaper πŸ˜€
    xx S

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  7. That harness is sort of amazing. wow.

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  8. taylah says:

    i’m actually in the process of making this exact skirt at the moment, so i’m really happy i checked back to your blog!
    your style is amazing

  9. Mollie says:

    Love babe!! We have to meet….would of been great to see you at the Mad Love lookbook shoot!!

    I am now following your blog! please follow mine!!
    can’t wait to talk fashion with you

  10. Christina says:

    This is great! I’m a sewing beginner and I’ve been looking for a pattern online – this is the best one I’ve seen yet. Definitely planning on making it in the next few days! So glad you posted this… I’d be totally lost without it

    • Aw thanks Christina, it’s hardly an exact pattern but I do hope it helps you anyway! If you get stuck feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try to help – it’s pretty straight forward though so you should be fine! Best of luck! xx

  11. sunny says:

    Finally someone telling me how to do instead of asking me how it is in fashion..took me three times to get this result..but am sooo doing this thanks for posting it!

  12. Selena says:

    Nah, not the same Selena that posted earlier. Heh πŸ™‚

    I just wanted to know, what was the length of the fabric you used? Just so I can gauge how much fabric I should buy before making this skirt to get the fullness I want. And thank you so much for posting this!

    • Hi Selena! I actually can’t quite remember the dimensions of the fabric, but I do believe I used around 1.5m of it?
      Sorry I can’t be more helpful – it’s not expensive so I’d probably just buy more than you need as you can always chop some off it proves to be too full.
      Good luck! xx

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