closest visit.

(Images via Closet Visit)

Sites showing off enviable people’s enviable wardrobes and enviable homes are a dime a dozen these days, but there is still something about them that makes my heart flutter just that little bit. I guess it’s the nosy busy-body in me that is curious to see “behind the scenes”.

Been busy adjusting to life as a “normal” working girl (not that kind of working girl!) but promise to inject some more love into this blog very, very shortly. Now that I am no longer like a zombie passed out on the living room couch every night (who knew it was so tough to get up before the sun everyday?) – we will be able to resume our regular blogging. xx

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One Response to closest visit.

  1. sophamapoph says:

    What an awesome post. Totes going to read that blog now! My blog has a lot of posts about wardrobes, not just the content but how people organise their stuff.

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