nasty gals do it better.

(Images via Refinery 29)

As if Sophia Amoruso couldn’t get any cooler?

The figures who inspire me most in life are usually the successful, hardworking, business savvy entrepreneurs of the universe and when they are also both stylish and smokin’ hot, well, it’s pretty impressive.

Anyone who has ever surfed the internet has probably seen a Shop Nasty Gal advertisement and most have probably also shopped there. Sophia (alongside the ravishing Suzanne Carafano of Spanish Moss) is the queen of the online vintage experience and was doing it way before any of us had even dipped in our toes in the testing waters.

She is a true example of girl power success, thinking outside of the box with innovation and forward thinking – I think it’s safe to say that nasty gals do indeed do it better.

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One Response to nasty gals do it better.

  1. sophamapoph says:

    I love when Refinery 29 do stories inside homes. Fashion + architecture = love

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