Image via Topshop

Tightening the belt means no more purchases of black ankle boots despite how perfect (and affordable!) these are. They are literally screaming ‘the perfect every day heeled ankle boot with a difference and the ability to make every outfit the best!’ but I’m truly trying to stop thinking about them. I’m pretty sure they will sell out anyway and when that happens I will be both horrified and slightly relieved. Then the eBay trawl will probably begin and somewhere down the line I’ll end up paying three times as much as I should for them but will stare at them lined up alongside all the other black ankle boots I own and will feel warm in the tummy the way only a mid-20s shoe addict with absolutely no self-control can feel. *nods*

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4 Responses to golden.

  1. oh man those ARE indeed perfect!

  2. sophamapoph says:

    Damn saving money. I feel that pain.

  3. Helena says:

    and this is when you start thinking about your london-dwelling friend visiting melbourne at the end of september, acting like a courier…

  4. I only just saw these too on another blog and my heart sunk when I saw they are already sold out. And you’re right – they are going for a small fortune on eBay. Wah.

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