“Instasam”. Hahaha, pretty good right? They don’t call me Funny Sam for no reason. (Okay, no one calls me that).

Anyway, I have finally found a blogging method that even I can commit to, and boy, the novelty has not worn off yet. It’s actually super fun to wave my iPhone around (my faux toy camera) taking random shots of sunsets, flowers and occasionally myself in the mirror (Elin Kling style).

So if you too are this way inclined, please feel free to “follow” me. My username is thetwincat. I’m also madly obsessed with pinning stuff. On pinterest I am here.

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One Response to instasam.

  1. chow says:

    waaaaaaaah!!! bookends….simon & garfunkel are one of my most favourite bands ever…you just moved up on my awesome ladder…if that’s even possible ❤

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