(Sunglasses – Karen Walker; Collar tips – ASOS; Lace skirt – Alice in the Eve; Watch – Sportsgirl; Shirt – Topshop; Sweater – Rag & Bone; Bag – Alexander Wang; Cuff – sass & bide; Loafers – Topshop)

When I watch TV gameshows and the contestant wins the consolation prize, I always get mad at them if they don’t act that excited about it. If I won the $1000 consolation on Millionaire Hot Seat, I’d be more than a little bit stoked – but then, this probably says more about my financial state than my love of Eddie McGuire. If I won $1000 today, then I would definitely be up for purchasing one or more of the above. I have been saving for an Alexander Wang Diego but the AUD just keeps getting worse and I feel a bit torn about it now. Perhaps the answer to my problem is to apply for Deal or No Deal (that’s my favourite).

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2 Responses to wishlusting.

  1. lisa zhang says:

    great picks!
    love it!


  2. J says:

    mmm I also love those sunglasses !

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