the cat’s meow.

(Stylestalker “Baby’s On Fire” collection, via their blog)

I’m sure these have been blogged absolutely everywhere but there was no way I could not pop them here, as anyone who knows me, knows of my ridiculous obsession with cats. There is just no other word to describe my obsession. I think about them, look at them and dream about them all day long. I’m one of the only people in the world who thinks the biggest problem with the internet is that there are not enough cat videos on it. That crazy cat lady youtube video might aswell have been me (I’m just lucky enough to have a slightly cat crazy boyfriend so there is no need to take to eHarmony with my craziness).

ANYWAY, obviously the marriage between one of my favourite Australian labels and cats is a marriage made in Sam heaven. All that beautiful draping, soft whites, delicate layers and two good looking models – it’s truly the cat’s meow.*

* Bad joke.

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One Response to the cat’s meow.

  1. I am the crazy cat lady about dogs, totes get it. What a beautiful collection of photos.

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