josh goot & green with envy

(Josh Goot collection preview at Green with Envy, Chapel St)

That awkward moment when you realise that you’re not even close to being well dressed enough to be standing in the same room as Christine Centenera.

Last night was the collection preview for Josh Goot at Green With Envy. There were real life models in the window (we definitely freaked out when we realised they were breathing and blinking and doing other human functiony stuff) and enough bright colour to knock your socks off. The collection itself was beautiful; neon brights pared back in athletic neoprene cuts and the dazzling prints that Josh Goot has become synonymous with. I am now obsessed with that shade of fluro pink.

Of course the rest of the store was just as amazing and my pal Alice and I spent the night ogling all the things we’d buy if we were rich – that is when we weren’t knocking back glasses of Laurent Perrier and duck liver canapes. My imaginary shopping list included but was not limited to; a beautiful sequinned Rachel Gilbert frock, a light aqua sleeveless Arnsdorf blouse, a white lace Lover dress, every basic by Nicholas in sight and the most spectacular fur vests. Not to mention the entire Pamela Love range. Ah, to dream…

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2 Responses to josh goot & green with envy

  1. cylia says:

    ahh amazing! christina centenera is my favorite.. so lucky!:) she looks amazing.

  2. Oh how I wished this store existed in Perth… I pine over almost every shit GWE upload to instagram… Josh Goot is incredible, pretty much every label in that store blows me away!

    Couldn’t agree with you more the Nicholas basics are beautiful, Is it sad I know whats in the store and I’ve never been there… Oh to be rich 😉

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