holy sass & bide

(Wearing sass & bide blazer & Sportsgirl dagger earring.. and sass & bide explosion)

Oh hai. Just my enormous moonface and a whole heap of sass & bide. I have been on a spending splurge lately, it’s an addiction I can’t control – thank goodness for sales. Who doesn’t need a one-sie in their life? I mean seriously. I’m in love.

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4 Responses to holy sass & bide

  1. Sam Mat says:

    Omgosh Sam, I went too! Couldn’t handle the disappointment of missing out after the mild depression I went through last time .. That harness you picked up? Mayn .. Still jealous!

  2. hazelfarrell says:

    Sweet Blog girl. It’s killer. xox

  3. You lucky thing! They never have amazing S&B sales in perth! I love how they are on the clothes line! So sweet! Your moonface is too cute >:)

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