An assortment of things. I picked up these Jeffrey Campbell “Grayson” boots online as I wanted something suede, light-coloured and still boot-ish. The cut-out back makes them a good summer option, though pretty sure they are easily trashable. They are also not as comfy as I had hoped, but I keep telling myself “If Rachel Zoe can walk in heels at 9 months pregnant, I can at least walk to work.”

I have been keeping my growing collection of nail polishes in a cute little vase, I think they look a bit like sweets. Whenever I have a shopping urge (which is 99% of my life) I pick up a new shade from Sportsgirl… great quality and super cheap cheap.

(Corgi, Samoyed & Schnauzer)

A conversation that has been on repeat in our household lately has been talking about dogs and which sort we’d like to welcome into our family most! This is a major step for a cat lover like myself so I have been busy researching breeds and these three are my faves. I’m all for adopting from shelters/pounds but am terrified that my cat Indi will hate it and feel we need to get a really young pup to make it work. Which dog is your favourite?

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  1. Richard says:

    I grew up with a corgi in the house (tri-colour Pembroke Welsh) and another two at my grandmother’s place (red and white Pembrokes). They are surprisingly full of energy, friendly and cute. They’re perfect if you’re entertaining heads of state on the lawn too! 🙂

  2. Catty Fox says:

    I like big dogs, but my suggestion is a sausage dog! They are so adorable and really friendly. Cocker Spaniels are adorable too.

  3. Haha I was just watching RZ and I cannot believe how she manages to constantly wear hooker heels. She must have had the nerves in her feet removed I think. That’s so exciting that you are getting a dog! I agree that a pup would probably better as it can learn that the cat is boss. I’ve introduced my kitties to my parents’ Staffies and the dogs are actually scared of the cats! So random.

  4. Cute way to keep your nail polish! Mine live in a ceramic owl. I love any kind of cattle dog – blue heelers, kelpies – however will have to wait for a backyard and a decent on at that before I get one.

  5. Helena says:

    The Samoyed IS SO FLUFFY AND CUTE! But of course, if you got a Daschund Ryan would love your forever for another playmate for Eve.

  6. Mayumi says:

    Shnauzer! I just love their cute little moustaches. My dad loves them too, although we have a little shihtzu cross bichon frise and I wouldn’t change him for anything.
    Love those boots btw xx

  7. natatree says:

    Yep, I’m slightly addicted to Sportsgirl nail polish myself! It’s such a great quality polish for the price!

    Corgi! Mind you, I love all breeds. The samoyed will need a lot more maintenance grooming wise, always a factor to try to remember.

  8. chameleonic says:

    the shoes are so amazing! such a great find!

  9. Chanelle says:

    oooh, the schnauzer is so cute! I’ve had a Cavalier King Charles spaniel before and found that it was the most friendly, approachable breed of dog. I’m totally biased towards spaniels, though. They’re a really good size, too.

  10. Lulu says:

    There is a Samoyed puppy living next door to us and it is incredibly cute! I have a Frenchie pup which really suits my lifestyle. Researching the breeds helps so much. If I was to choose out of these it would be a Samoyed for me!

  11. I have the exact same spending habit… Those nail varnishes are a lifesaver! Funnily enough mine are stored in a clear bowl too! hehe well yours is a vase!

    They are all so fluffy! Haha Im a cat person from the beginning, but after living with my man for a couple of years and his Pup.. I’m smitten!

  12. Lisa says:

    Get a Samoyed!!!!!! I have a Japanese spitz and they are amazing dogs. My cousin has 4 Samoyeds lol they are really so similar to the spitz but bigger and a lot more to cuddle!

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